Don't shelve.

Join the relay!

What is Comic Relay?

Comic Relay is a crowd-sourced, traveling library for comic books and trade paperbacks.

What's the point?

Acting as an intermediary between comic readers, Comic Relay aims to help comic owners find people to share their books with, and make it easier for the comic curious to find new books without the overhead. A shared book is better than a shelved book.

So I get to keep the books people send me?

No. A relayed comic should never stop moving and be a part of someone’s collection; in this sense it is not a trade. People are welcome to send comics back and forth to one another, but with the understanding that said comic will then be passed on to someone else.

Who pays the shipping?

Typically, the person shipping the comics. However, if a receiver wants to reimburse the shipper, that’s fine. This is left to the discretion of the two people involved in the relay. If you’re looking for the cheapest shipping option, use USPS Media Mail.

Doesn’t it cost more to ship a comic than buy one outright?

It won’t cost more, but it may be comparable. This is why we encourage that, if someone sends individual comics, they send an entire story arc. Sending a single comic isn’t fun for either relay participant. Shipping trade paperbacks will always be cheaper than buying them.

What if my comic is damaged?

We ask Comic Relay participants to only send unsullied material to other people. If your comics arrive and are gross or otherwise unsatisfactory, please contact the person who shipped the comics to you. Comic Relay cannot guarantee the cleanliness of comics.

Won’t Comic Relay hurt comic shops and companies?

Not if it’s used correctly. The goal of Comic Relay is to introduce people to new comics, not for them to follow a book solely through the service. If you like a comic you receive, buy it! Or, buy other books put out by that publisher, writer, or artist. Support the things you love.